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Mine Disasters in
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Piedmont and Crogue Creek Coal Company
Washington No. 5 Mine Cars Disaster

Franklin, Maryland
January 25, 1909
No. Killed 5

Four Killed in Crash of Coal Cars
Washington Post, District of Columbia
January 26, 1909

Westernport, Md., Jan. 25. -- Four men killed , a dozen injured, and miraculous escape for several more was the result of a collision this morning on the incline road, half a mile long, leading to Washington Mine No. 5 of the Piedmont and Crogue Creek Coal Company at Franklin, just east of this place.

The dead:
Cleaver Knight, carpenter, Westernport, Md.
William Hamilton, blacksmith, Franklin
James Cordry, Jr., dump man, Franklin
Joseph Brunette, Italian laborer

The injured:
Edward Fitzenbaker, roadman, Westernport, hurt about the arm
L. Lambert, Relms Station, near Westernport, leg broken
William H. Smith, weighmaster, Relms Station, shoulder blade broken and injured in the back
James Gowen, laborer, Harton, Md., face cut
C. Hamilton, miner, Franklin, face cut, son of William Hamilton, who was killed
Morris Murphy, foreman, Franklin, part of back injured
R. Partik, brakeman on the mine train, Barton, injured on arm and chest
Robert Plodbin, Barton, face cut and bruised
Joseph Lacian, Italian, hurt on head

The accident occurred at about the midway point, where there is a loop for approaching cars.

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