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Valley Camp Coal Company
Valley Camp No. 3 Mine Cars Accident

Triadelphia, West Virginia
September 9, 1966
No. Killed 4

Coal Mine Accident Kills Four
Charleston Gazette, West Virginia
September 10, 1966

Triadelphia, WV -- (AP) -- Four miners were killed and seven injured deep underground Friday afternoon in the derailment of a flat car carrying supplies in the Valley Camp Coal Company No. 3 mine.

A mine spokesman said as four victims were riding on top of a flat car when its locomotive derailed, and was run over by a following locomotive hauling a man trip car.

The spokesman identified the dead as:
George Thompson
Paul Orth
Howard Simms, all of Triadelphia
Richard Schultz, of Wheeling's Elm Grove district

The mishap occurred between 3:30 and 3:45 p.m., about two miles inside the entrance of the mine in this Northern Panhandle community just east of Wheeling, as the night shift was reporting for work.

Three of the seven injured required hospitalization.  Reported at Ohio Valley General Hospital in Wheeling as in fair condition suffering mostly fractures, cuts and bruises, were:
Kenneth Robey, 22, of Bethlehem
Russell McCrovie, Jr., 23, of Wheeling
Richard Warner, 26, of Triadelphia

A mine spokesman said cause of the derailment was not determined and said an investigation was under way.

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