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Mine Disasters in
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Submarine Mine Explosion

Clinton, Vermillion County, Indiana
May 3, 1920
No. Killed 5

Rescuer Deaths

Following an explosion in the Submarine mine at Clinton, Indiana, James Smith, Art Thompson and Frank Hughes were victims of afterdamp while attempting to recover the body of John Howe.  Jimmie Needham, also a member of the rescue party, was injured.

Explosion Kills Five
Tipton Tribune, Indiana
May 3, 1920

Clinton, Ind., -- Five men were killed and six others injured, two probably fatally in a mine explosion near Clinton Saturday morning.  The accident is said to have been caused by an open miner's lamp.

The dead are:
Andrew Wilson
James Smith
Frank Hughes, all of Clinton
John Howe, of Terre Haute
Art Thompson, of Terre Haute

The injured are:
John Whitmarsh
Robert Montgomery
Jimmie Needham, all of Clinton
Eli Fulkerson, of Terre Haute
Sam Woods, of Sanford
Lee Stewart, of Carbon

Wilson and Howe were killed by the explosion and Smith, Thompson and Hughes were victims of afterdamp while attempting to recover the body of Howe.  Needham, who was injured, was also a member of the rescue party.  The other injured miners were seriously burned by the explosion.

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