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Mine Disasters in
the United States

Naomi Mine Explosion
Fayette City, Pennsylvania
December 1, 1907
No. Killed - 34

Accident Overview

About 7:45 p.m. Sunday, an explosion of firedamp augmented by coal dust resulted in the death of 34 miners, all that were in the mine.  A large quantity of gas must have been ignited.  The gas was not detected before anyone was allowed to enter the mine.  For some time previous to the explosion, only the working places were being examined before the mine was allowed to be entered.

The cause of the gas being present was an open door.  The explosion was caused by an open light or electric arc from the wires.  The system of ventilation was fauty having too many doors.

They commenced to sink a shaft but very little progress had been made.  It was evident that the fireboss had been trying to get the men together preparatory to leaving the mine.


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