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united states mine rescue association
Mine Disasters in
the United States

King Coal and Coke Company
King Mine Explosion

Kimball, West Virginia
March 28, 1916
No. Killed 10

Mine Explosion Fatal to Three
The Lincoln Daily Star, Nebraska
March 28, 1916

Bluefield, W. Va., March 28. -- Three men were killed and twenty or more seriously injured by an explosion in the mine of the King Coal & Coke Company at Kimball, W. Va., at 9 o'clock today.  It was stated that a number of the injured could not recover.

The explosion, which shattered a section in the eastern part of the mine, blew down masses of coal and slate and cut off from escape a large number of men.  Rescue crews worked throughout the morning to reach them and shortly after noon they were released.  At 2 p.m., it was stated that all the men who had entered the mine had been accounted for.

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