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Mine Disasters in
the United States

Federal Smelting & Mining Company
Morning Mine Elevator Accident

Mullan, Idaho
October 6, 1936
No. Killed - 10

Ten men were killed when a man-cage fell 900 feet.  Immediately prior to the accident, 5 men, including the cager, got on the lower deck of the 2-deck cage at the 3,450-foot level.  They were hoisted to the 3,050-foot level to complete loading on both decks.

The cager permitted 6 men to get on the lower deck, making a total of 10 men.  The cage doors were then closed and fastened.

The engineer was signaled, and the cage was lowered until the upper deck was flush with the station floor.  While the cager was opening the cage doors to the upper deck, the rope broke about 1,200 feet above the cage.

No evidence was on the cage guides to indicate that the safety catches contacted them.  The cage was used exclusively for hoisting and lowering men and material.

Historical Summary of Mine Disasters in the United States - Volume III

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