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Jefferson and Clearfield Coal Company
Ernest No. 2 Mine Explosion

Ernest, Pennsylvania
February 11, 1916
No. Killed - 27

See also:   Ernest No. 2 Mine Explosion, Feb. 5, 1910

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(From the U.S. Bureau of Mines Report)

At 3:20 in the afternoon an explosion killed 27 men in the section of the mine that was affected and burned 4 others who escaped.  The 150 men in other sections and those on the outside were not aware of the explosion until word was brought out.

Gas over falls in a pillar area was ignited by an open light.  The force was not great, and the explosion was local.  Dust was ignited but did not carry the explosion, as haulageways were damp.  Open lights were used, except in some pillar sections and in a section in which an explosion in 1910 killed 12 men.

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