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Mine Disasters in
the United States

Gayton Mines
Carbon Hill No. 1 Mine Explosion

Carbon Hill, Virginia
January 20, 1911
No. Killed 7

See also:   Carbon Hill No. 7 Mine Explosion, Dec. 9, 1899

Mine Explosion Ends Six Lives
Piqua Daily Call, Ohio
January 21, 1911

Gayton Mines, Va., Jan. 21. -- It is known positively that six are dead, four fatally injured and seven more as less seriously hurt as the result of an explosion in mine No. 1, Carbon Hill, Gayton Mines.  Others are still entombed.  The work of clearing out the mine is under way and it is thought that more miners will be found.  More than 200 men were employed in the mine and the number missing has not yet been ascertained.

The dead:
  • Lewis Salvinsky
  • John Geratnis
  • Frank Burger
  • Stanislau Salvini
  • Two unidentified men, known only by their numbers
Seven men were seriously injured, among them:
  • Joseph Verdina
  • James Robinson
  • Thomas Lee
  • Jefferson Detier
The cause of the explosion is unknown.  It is thought it may have been due to disregard to signals by miners.

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