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Mine Disasters in
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Abernant Coal Company
Abernant Mine Explosion

Abernant, Alabama
August 13, 1912
No. Killed - 18

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More News Headlines at the Time:
  • "Many Killed in Abernant Mine: Report from Tuscaloosa Says Fourteen to Seventeen Miners Lose Their Lives," Birmingham News, 13 Aug 1912: 1.
  • "Explosion Which Claimed 18 Victims was Caused by Gas: Local Accident at Abernant Being Investigated by Nesbitt and Ray," Birmingham News, 14 Aug 1912: 1, 2.
  • "Entombed Miner is Brought Out Alive After Many Hours: Escape of Henry Duncan at Abernant Mine Regarded as Remarkable," Birmingham News, 15 Aug 1912: 1.
  • "White Miner's Heroism is Praised by a Negro: 'Kid' Clark, Globe Trotter, Anxious for His Friends to Know He Was Not One of Victims of Disastrous Abernant Explosion," Birmingham News, 15 Aug 1912: 5.
  • "Nesbitt's Report on Abernant to be Finished Today: Several Negroes Could Have Been Saved if Helmets Had Been on Hand," Birmingham Age-Herald, 22 Aug 1912: 5.

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