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All Mine Disasters in the United States
By State

View the Mine Disaster Calendar State:  Minnesota   (Display in Date Order)

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Date Mine Name Location Industry Disaster Cause Killed
02/05/1924 Milford View the planets for this day Crosby, MN MNM Inundation 41  
06/27/1918 Elivier Open Pit View the planets for this day Virginia, MN MNM Explosives 18  
03/03/1911 Norman View the planets for this day Virginia, MN MNM Rock Slide 14  
11/09/1914 Sibley No. 9 Shaft View the planets for this day Ely, MN MNM Cave-in 5  
08/30/1917 Lincoln View the planets for this day Virginia, MN MNM Fire 0  

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